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<1/28/202313 Surprising Causes of Constipation
<1/28/202320 Facts about Senior Isolation That Will Stun You – A Place for Mom
<1/28/20232023 Medicare programs
<1/28/20233 Common Signs of Functional Decline
<1/28/20235 Communities That Will Change Your View of Independent Living
<1/28/20238 costly scams that target senior citizens
<1/28/20239 Types of Medication Older Adults Should Use With Caution
<1/28/2023A Program to Prevent Functional Decline in Physically Frail, Elderly Persons Who Live at Home
<1/28/2023A roadmap to end aging
<1/28/2023A Story to Remember
<1/28/2023A Time to Laugh
<1/28/2023AARP Liviable Communities
<1/28/2023ACP Calls for Moderate Glycemic Control
<1/28/2023Actinic keratosis (with pics)
<1/28/2023Addiction in Older Adults
<1/28/2023Age quotes – inspiration for seniors!
<1/28/2023Age-friendly communities
<1/28/2023Aging and dental health
<1/28/2023American Society on Aging (ASA) Policy Initiatives
<1/28/2023Aging in Place with a Little Help from Roommates, Neighbors, and Teenagers
<1/28/2023AgingCare.com support groups
<1/28/2023AIDS Warning
<1/28/2023Alcoholic liver disease
<1/28/2023Alzheimer’s Association
<1/28/2023AMA Code of Medical Ethics
<1/28/2023Amazing people
<1/28/2023Asthma in older adults
<1/28/2023Atrial fibrillation
<1/28/2023Atypical moles (with pics)
<1/28/2023Audio – Adult Day Care
<1/28/2023Audio – Advance Directives
<1/28/2023Audio – Aging Issues 1
<1/28/2023Audio – Aging Issues 2
<1/28/2023Audio – Aging Perspectives
<1/28/2023Audio – Alzheimer’s Disease
<1/28/2023Audio – Cancer Prevention
<1/28/2023Audio – Caregiving
<1/28/2023Audio – Dreams
<1/28/2023Audio – Driving
<1/28/2023Audio – Embarrassment
<1/28/2023Audio – Fall Prevention
<1/28/2023Audio – Fun & Friendship
<1/28/2023Audio – Geriatrics
<1/28/2023Audio – Hearing Problems
<1/28/2023Audio – Hip Fractures
<1/28/2023Audio – Home Care Services
<1/28/2023Audio – Infections
<1/28/2023Audio – Living Options
<1/28/2023Audio – Long Term Care Insurance
<1/28/2023Audio – Medicare Prescription Drug Benefit
<1/28/2023Audio – Medications
<1/28/2023Audio – Nutrition
<1/28/2023Audio – Osteoporosis
<1/28/2023Audio – Peripheral Vascular Disease
<1/28/2023Audio – Politics and Aging
<1/28/2023Audio – Print Media
<1/28/2023Audio – Reverse Mortgages
<1/28/2023Audio – Safety
<1/28/2023Audio – Senior Resources
<1/28/2023Audio – Senior-Friendly Communities
<1/28/2023Audio – Sleep Problems
<1/28/2023Audio – Spine Fractures
<1/28/2023Audio – Spirituality and Aging
<1/28/2023Audio – Sports and Aging
<1/28/2023Autism (in later life)
<1/28/2023Autism Spectrum Disorder in Mid and Later Life
<1/28/2023Basal cell carcinoma (with pics)
<1/28/2023BrainyQuotes age quotes
<1/28/2023Capacity for decisions
<1/28/2023Caregiver’s Handbook – Hungarian version
<1/28/2023Caring.com support groups
<1/28/2023Carotid stenosis
<1/28/2023Chronic Pain
<1/28/2023Colorectal Cancer – CDC
<1/28/2023Common Fraud Schemes
<1/28/2023Compassion and Support at the End of Life
<1/28/2023Concerned About Constipation? – from the NIA
<1/28/2023Congestive heart failure
<1/28/2023Constipation in Adults – from the UK Patient.info
<1/28/2023COPD (including emphysema and chronic bronchitis)
<1/28/2023Coping with the Embarrassment of Aging
<1/28/2023Dating for Seniors
<1/28/2023Decision Making Capacity Guidelines
<1/28/2023Dementia & Alzheimer’s
<1/28/2023Dental implants
<1/28/2023Depression & anxiety
<1/28/2023Dr. Stall’s Caregiver’s Handbook
<1/28/2023Dr. Stall’s radio show
<1/28/2023Dry mouth
<1/28/2023Ear wax
<1/28/2023Elder Suicide: A Needless Tragedy
<1/28/2023Eldercare locator
<1/28/2023Elderly Suicide – suicide.org
<1/28/2023Elderly Victims of Crime
<1/28/2023Estate planning
<1/28/2023Ethics & Medicine
<1/28/2023EuroWilson – amazing resource created by European experts
<1/28/2023Evaluating Patient Capacity in Practice
<1/28/2023Exercise Program for Age 50+
<1/28/2023Expectations for Older Adults
<1/28/2023Fall Prevention Center of Excellence – StopFalls.org
<1/28/2023Fear of Dying – AgingCare.com
<1/28/2023Finally, A Job I Can Do
<1/28/2023Find a geriatrician
<1/28/2023Find a Medicare Provider
<1/28/2023Find a RedShirt
<1/28/2023Five Powerful Steps to Prevention
<1/28/2023Flu shot
<1/28/2023Frailty Is a Medical Condition
<1/28/2023Frailty syndrome
<1/28/2023FRAX® Fracture Risk Assessment Tool
<1/28/2023Functional decline in hospitals
<1/28/2023Gallbladder disease
<1/28/2023Gastroesophageal Reflux (GER) and Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD) in Adults – NIH
<1/28/2023Gastrointestinal bleeding in the elderly
<1/28/2023General resources
<1/28/2023Gerascophobia – fear of growing old
<1/28/2023GERD Gastroesophageal reflux disease
<1/28/2023Geriatrics At Your Fingertips 2015
<1/28/2023Geriatrics At Your Fingertips app
<1/28/2023H. pylori infection (common cause of peptic ulcers) – Wikipedia
<1/28/2023Hair loss
<1/28/2023Health and Aging Policy Fellows
<1/28/2023Health Hub (live classes, workout from home videos, webinars, podcasts)
<1/28/2023Healthy Eating After 50 (NIA AgePage)
<1/28/2023HealthyPeople 2020
<1/28/2023Hearing loss
<1/28/2023Heart attack
<1/28/2023Hepatitis A, B, and C: Learn the Differences
<1/28/2023Hip Fracture – Wikipedia
<1/28/2023Hip Fracture: Diagnosis, Treatment, and Secondary Prevention
<1/28/2023Hip fractures
<1/28/2023Hip Fractures Among Older Adults
<1/28/2023Hoarders Anonymous
<1/28/2023Hoarding Can Be A Deadly Business
<1/28/2023How Playing a Musical Instrument — at Any Age — is Good for Your Health
<1/28/2023How to Follow Your Dream and Spend Your Retirement Traveling the World
<1/28/2023How to help a friend
<1/28/2023Hyperthyroidism (overactive thyroid)
<1/28/2023Hypothyroidism (low thyroid)
<1/28/2023Income Gap, Meet the Longevity Gap
<1/28/2023Independent Health
<1/28/2023Inventories (from Amazon)
<1/28/2023Joint Centre for Bioethics
<1/28/2023Journal of Medical Ethics
<1/28/2023Key principle 5: Look for and treat dis-ease, not just disease
<1/28/2023Key principle 6: Strive to maximize quality of life and functional ability
<1/28/2023Key principle of geriatrics 3: Medication use in the elderly is a major drug problem in America
<1/28/2023Key Principles of Geriatrics
<1/28/2023Lifecycle Nutrition – Older Individuals (USDA)
<1/28/2023Live Forever
<1/28/2023Liver spots / age spots
<1/28/2023Loneliness quiz – how lonely are you?
<1/28/2023Macular degeneration
<1/28/2023Medical Ethics (Wikipedia)
<1/28/2023Medication & Older Adults
<1/28/2023Medication side effects
<1/28/2023MedlinePlus Seniors’ Health
<1/28/2023Med-symptom ✔er
<1/28/2023Melanoma (with pics)
<1/28/2023MELD Score for End-Stage Liver Disease Calculator
<1/28/2023Merck Manual of Geriatrics online
<1/28/2023Multiple myeloma
<1/28/2023Myelodysplastic syndrome
<1/28/2023Nasal congestion
<1/28/2023National Academy on an Aging Society
<1/28/2023National Adult Protective Services Association
<1/28/2023Nazer score
<1/28/2023Newer vaccine
<1/28/2023NIA AgePages
<1/28/2023NIH SeniorHealth
<1/28/2023No Nursing Home For Us
<1/28/2023Nutrition for older persons (WHO)
<1/28/2023Nutrition.gov – Seniors
<1/28/2023NYS Health Care Proxy web site
<1/28/2023NYS MOLST web page
<1/28/2023Obesity in older adults: technical review and position statement of the American Society for Nutrition and The Obesity Society
<1/28/2023Obesity: Assessment and Management in Primary Care
<1/28/2023Ode to Old Age
<1/28/2023Older Adults – MDQuit.org
<1/28/2023Older Adults and Smoking
<1/28/2023Older Patients and Thyroid Disease
<1/28/2023Older vaccine
<1/28/2023OldSmarts LLC – All things for seniors, all in one place!
<1/28/2023One-Minute Osteoporosis Risk Test
<1/28/2023Osteoarthritis (American College of Rheumatology)
<1/28/2023Pain scales (score yourself and bring to your doctor)
<1/28/2023Parkinson’s Diagnosis Questions
<1/28/2023Parkinson’s disease
<1/28/2023Parkinson’s Disease Information Page
<1/28/2023Paul Hogan at BlazeVOX
<1/28/2023Paul Hogan at Talking Leaves
<1/28/2023Paul’s bio
<1/28/2023PDF – A Story to Remember
<1/28/2023PDF – Careers in aging
<1/28/2023PDF – Caregiver’s Handbook
<1/28/2023PDF – Dizziness
<1/28/2023PDF – Ethics
<1/28/2023PDF – Expectations
<1/28/2023PDF – Fears and Worries checklist
<1/28/2023PDF – Key Principles
<1/28/2023PDF – NYS Health Care Proxy form
<1/28/2023PDF – NYS MOLST form
<1/28/2023PDF – Paul Hogan poetry
<1/28/2023PDF – Prepare to Care
<1/28/2023Peptic ulcers
<1/28/2023Plan & Organize (tips from AARP)
<1/28/2023Pneumonia Can Be Prevented—Vaccines Can Help
<1/28/2023Pneumonia shots
<1/28/2023POGOe – Portal of Geriatrics Online Education
<1/28/2023Points of Departure (from Amazon)
<1/28/2023Polymyalgia rheumatica (PMR)
<1/28/2023Polymyalgia rheumatica (PMR) – Arthritis Research UK
<1/28/2023Powerpoint – Geriatric Medicine – Not Just Old Farts & Nursing Homes
<1/28/2023Presbycusis – Wikipedia
<1/28/2023Prescription Drugs
<1/28/2023Presidential Commission for the Study of Bioethical Issues
<1/28/2023Preventing seasonal flu (CDC)
<1/28/2023Prevention of Hip Fracture in Elderly People with Use of a Hip Protector
<1/28/2023Problems with smell
<1/28/2023Prognostic implications of anemia in older adults
<1/28/2023Prostate Cancer – NIH
<1/28/2023Provider references
<1/28/2023Public policy
<1/28/2023Public Policy and Action (NCOA)
<1/28/2023Quality of life
<1/28/2023Quality of Life in the Elderly
<1/28/2023Quality of life scale
<1/28/2023Report Fraud
<1/28/2023Retirement: The Payoffs of an Active Lifestyle
<1/28/2023Rheumatoid arthritis (American College of Rheumatology)
<1/28/2023Richard Derwald profile (from Living Prime Time June, 2002)
<1/28/2023Screening & Surveillance – AAFP 2015
<1/28/2023Screening and Diagnosis
<1/28/2023Seborrheic keratoses
<1/28/2023Senior care assessment tool
<1/28/2023Senior nutrition overview
<1/28/2023Shingles shot
<1/28/2023Shingles vaccine (CDC)
<1/28/2023Skin care and aging
<1/28/2023Sleep apnea
<1/28/2023Sleep apnea self-assessments
<1/28/2023Specialized Services for Older Adults Losing Their Sight – American Foundation for the Blind
<1/28/2023Squamous cell carcinoma (with pics)
<1/28/2023Stall Senior Medical LLC (Dr. Stall’s practice web site)
<1/28/2023Star Ratings (see how we’re doing compared to others!)
<1/28/2023Substance Abuse
<1/28/2023Substance Abuse in the Elderly: Over-the-Counter and Illegal Drugs
<1/28/2023Suicide Rates Are High Among the Elderly – NYT
<1/28/2023Ten Myths About Decision Making Capacity
<1/28/2023Tests to Detect Colorectal Cancer & Polyps – NIH
<1/28/2023Texting for Seniors
<1/28/2023The Big 8 Constipation-Causing Medications
<1/28/2023The Eight Ages of Woman
<1/28/2023The Elder Loneliness Epidemic – AgingCare.com
<1/28/2023The Grandparent’s Guide to Sharing Your Love of Classic Cars with Your Grandchild
<1/28/2023The Lethality of Loneliness – New Republic
<1/28/2023The Psychology Behind Hoarding
<1/28/2023The Senior’s Guide to Becoming a Real Estate Agent in Their Golden Years
<1/28/2023Thyroid and Parathyroid Disorders
<1/28/2023TMJ (temporomandibular joint dysfunction)
<1/28/2023Top 10 Financial Scams Targeting Seniors
<1/28/2023Top Ten Fears of Elderly Adults – Home Instead Senior Care
<1/28/2023Towards an Age-friendly World (WHO)
<1/28/2023Transportation Options for Seniors Who Don’t Drive
<1/28/2023Treating frailty – a practical guide
<1/28/2023Treatment of Constipation in Older Adults
<1/28/2023Tricks From the Elderly to Stop Worrying – Wall Street Journal
<1/28/2023Understanding Parkinson’s
<1/28/2023Understanding Ulcers
<1/28/2023Unexplained Anemia in the Elderly
<1/28/2023Video – Amazing accomplishments
<1/28/2023Video – Amazing feats
<1/28/2023Video – BPPV treatment video
<1/28/2023Video – Changes with Aging
<1/28/2023Video – Energy & aging
<1/28/2023Video – Flintstone Hearing Loss – great depiction of what hearing loss “sounds” like.
<1/28/2023Video – Gastric Ulcers Overture
<1/28/2023Video – Geriatric Medicine – Not Just Old Farts & Nursing Homes 1 of 11
<1/28/2023Video – Geriatric Medicine – Not Just Old Farts & Nursing Homes 10 of 11
<1/28/2023Video – Geriatric Medicine – Not Just Old Farts & Nursing Homes 11 of 11
<1/28/2023Video – Geriatric Medicine – Not Just Old Farts & Nursing Homes 2 of 11
<1/28/2023Video – Geriatric Medicine – Not Just Old Farts & Nursing Homes 3 of 11
<1/28/2023Video – Geriatric Medicine – Not Just Old Farts & Nursing Homes 4 of 11
<1/28/2023Video – Geriatric Medicine – Not Just Old Farts & Nursing Homes 5 of 11
<1/28/2023Video – Geriatric Medicine – Not Just Old Farts & Nursing Homes 6 of 11
<1/28/2023Video – Geriatric Medicine – Not Just Old Farts & Nursing Homes 7 of 11
<1/28/2023Video – Geriatric Medicine – Not Just Old Farts & Nursing Homes 8 of 11
<1/28/2023Video – Geriatric Medicine – Not Just Old Farts & Nursing Homes 9 of 11
<1/28/2023Video – Hearing loss – good explanation from Siemens
<1/28/2023Video – More Fritz Coleman on Youtube
<1/28/2023Video – Nutrition & aging
<1/28/2023Video – Strip Poker
<1/28/2023Video – Stuck ear wax at its worst!
<1/28/2023Video – Vision Simulations – excellent depiction of what it’s like to have different vision problems
<1/28/2023Video – Where’s My Memory?
<1/28/2023Video – YouTube video compilation by Dr. Stall
<1/28/2023Vision loss
<1/28/2023Wilson Disease patient registry study
<1/28/2023Wilson Disease resources
<1/28/2023Weight loss
<1/28/2023What Is Hearing Loss? – NIH
<1/28/2023Who needs it?
<1/28/2023Wilson Disease Association (WDA) International
<1/28/2023Wilson’s Disease Scoring System
<1/28/2023Worsening function
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