Depression-suicide risk assessment

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Depression-suicide risk assessment
Answer ALL questions for greatest accuracy
Answer ALL questions for greatest accuracy


0-4 usually normal (depending on age, education, other complaints)
5-8 mild depression
8-11 moderate depression
12-15 severe depression

Any of the above can be a symptom of depression. Depression is common and treatable.
Specific medical illnesses and medication side effects can cause depression.

Talk to your primary care doctor or therapist if you experience 5 or more of the above or you just feel depressed.

Geriatric Depression Rating Scale
Brink TL, Yesavage JA, Lum O, Heersema P, Adey MB, Rose TL: Screening tests


Any YES answer indicates a higher than average risk of suicide.

Suicide Rates Are High Among the Elderly - NY Times
Suicide in the Elderly - AAMFT

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